Our mission is to serve Veterans and their dependents, promote Remembrance and act in the service of Canada and its communities.

Branch 99 of the Royal Canadian Legion has, except for a short hiatus in 1937 to 1939, been an integral part of the Community of Sicamous for over eighty years. With the support of the Community and its Membership the Branch has endured to become the strong advocate for our Veterans, their dependants and the Community which it is today. In order to appreciate what the Legion does, it is important to first know who we are. We are an association of Canadian citizens, non sectarian and not affiliated to or connected with any political party or organization. Our mandate is to serve Veterans and their dependants, promote Remembrance and to act in the service of Canada and the Community. No military affiliation is necessary for membership.

poppy-driveThe service to Veterans and Dependants is financed by the annual Poppy drive donations and the sale of Remembrance Day wreaths. These wreaths are purchased by the Branch and sold throughout the Community with a small markup, typically five percent. Funds raised through the Poppy drive and wreath sales can only be used to support Veterans, their dependants and specified Veterans’ support programs such as the Veterans Transition Program. In the last few years generous donations from the Community has strengthened our Poppy fund allowing us to fulfill our mandate of Veteran’s support.

Our Gaming funds are the proceeds of our weekly meat draws and occasional raffles. All money in this fund is returned to the Community in the form of donations to Community groups, maintenance of the medical equipment library, assistance to those in need on an emergency basis, and other charitable donations. Branch 99 has made the decision that we will forgo donating to large National campaigns in favor of Community support and in a typical year the Branch and its’ Ladies Auxiliary will donate approximately $12,000 to $16,000 to various local groups. Our medical lending library has made available to the community, two electric scooters, five manual wheel chairs, three walkers and various canes. This equipment is available to all at no charge. In addition, the Branch spends over one hundred thousand on wages, goods and services within the Community.

The Branch is financed by the proceeds from the canteen, approximately ten dollars per Member from Membership dues and proceeds from hall rental. The support of all Members is therefore critical to our continued success. If you are not a Member please consider joining: an organization where Membership matters.